New Liskeard Lions Club Dragon Boat Festival
Dragon at the Waterfront 2012

Welcome to our Tenth Dragon Boat Festival

Due to technical difficulties, the 2016 races
have been cancelled
and the Lions are looking to 2017. Stay tuned.

We thank our 2015 Sponsors.

2015's fundraising efforts benefited the : Great Northern Family Health Team: $355.55; Diabetes Program-Temiskaming:$799.70; Tri-town Ski & Snowboard Village($880) and the New Liskeard Lions Club Inc.: $1,165 for a total of $3,200.25 for the community. This year consider sponsoring a team or a paddler for a good cause.

Total raised to date for the community: $67,471.14

Go here for 2015 race results.

[[ Map Here ]]    2016 Festival page here

On July 4, 2015 hundreds of people came to enjoy the beautiful weather and festivities in our Ninth Annual Dragon Boat Festival held in the City of Temiskaming Shores, Ontario. Last year's race saw 8 teams— 176 paddlers and drummers—paddling in the beautiful blue waters of Lake Temiskaming. Although Dragon Boat racing is relatively new to Temiskaming Shores, it is being increasing in both attendance and excitement. The combination of excercise, festivity and community spirit is very attractive, and contagious. The fund raising is now beginning and members being pulled together for the team rosters. For 2016 the funds raised will go to: Timiskaming Hospital Foundation (Ultra Sound), Tri-town Ski & Snowboard Village, the One Foot Forward Campaign for the Temiskaming Foundation and the New Liskeard Lions Club Inc.

To see how the teams fared last year go to the 2015 Festival Page

Each Dragon boat is approximately 13 meters long and holds a crew of 22 people--20 paddlers, a steersperson and a drummer. The race course parallels the beach. This race course is 400 meters long, and three boats can race at one time. All entries were involved in at least 3 races, and the times are the total of the times for all three races.

To help sponsor this year's Dragon Boat Festival, please visit our Sponsorship page. For the rules of the races, open and save this Rules form in PDF format. To enter a team in the Dragon Boat Races, visit our Registration page.

And we invite you all to come for the fun!

Assante Wealth Management
Wilson Chevrolet, New Liskeard

We thank all of our 2016 Sponsors here, and list them so you can thank them and support them as well.
Please don't forget to tell them you saw them here on the web.

For previous years Dragon Boat Festival pages.

Basics of paddling a dragon boat video here. How to Paddle a Dragon Boat Part 1 of a YouTube video explaining how to do it. Related video How to Paddle a Dragon Boat-Part 2 and others listed to the right hand side on that YouTube page.

Paddles Up- Dragon Boat Racing in Canada

Also, a terrific book called Paddles Up! Dragon Boat Racing in Canada has training suggestions, beautiful photos and diagrams. Available from Chat Noir Books in New Liskeard or from Dundurn Press.

Dragon Boat Canada

Dragon Boat Canada is the governing body for Dragon Boat Racing in Canada and their website includes information on the bid to host the World Dragon Boat Races in Canada.

Dragon boat purchased 2009 by the New Liskeard Lions with the assistance of the Ontario government and the Communities in Action fund.

Festival Objectives

Temiskaming Shores Chamber of Commerce and the Temiskaming Shores Tourism Information welcome you.
  • Share the tradition of Dragon Boat Racing with other Ontario communities.

  • Promote the goodwill of corporate sponsors throughout Northern Ontario.

  • Promote a festival atmosphere featuring athletic contests and other cultural activities to enhance the quality of community life in a beautiful waterfront setting in the city.

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